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Last updated: Sunday, September 26, 2010

The style of carvings and masks in Bali 1

There are numerous varieties of species in Bali trees. And among them 39 kinds are used by the craftsmen to use it for wood carving. Till 1930, the work was too mechanical and the carpenters probably came out with the same patterns and were related to religion. Wood carvings decorated the palaces and were not found in common home. The roofs of the Bale were constructed with wooden beams with Garuda, eagle, carved on it.

As in the paintings, Spies and Bonnet, the foreign artists encouraged the carpenters to design the wood to attract the tourists of Bali, after 1930. The modern wood carvings are:

Elongated style

With Spies inspirations, realistic and fluid shapes started to emerge. The elongated carvings with fine hardwood have a bare finish without paint, but are polished to have a smooth texture. The renowned woodcarvers in this style are Tegelan and NyomanCokot, whose works are in Puri Lukisan Museum.

The squat wood carving style has its inspiration from Bagus Nyana. This is reverse technique of elongated style. The work is well polished with simple, enormous and completely closed.

Driftwood style was followed by the sons of the famous Nyoman Cokot. Human faces, demons, plants and animals are carved Jepun Bali variety of tree. It is in dark maroon and has twists and churns branches, almost hidden. These branches are ideal for driftwood style.

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