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Last updated: Thursday, December 2, 2010

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Dewa Agunug Anom, established his court in Gianya 10 km to Ubud’s south was a small place until 19th century. His descendants instituted satellite courts Singapadu and Peliatan, in Ubud. Ubud is hence related to Sukawati kingdom.

The Dutch, with the help of Ubud, helped Gianyar to defeat Nagara and Blahbatuh. Acknowledging the Dutch power, Ubud and Gianyar were protected by the Dutch. These two Ubud in particular, flourished under the rule of Cokorda Gede Agung. Sukawati became majestic benefaction of arts. Though this place was a minor court, it was highly respected.

Different kinds of artists who were fouled by other courts were attracted to ubud. A classic example among them is Lempad. this continued till the 20th century till the arrival of Western artist. This gained Ubud’s reputation as a centre of art.

With the help of Walter spies, an influential visitor who was invited to stay in Campuan by Cokorda, attracted a large number of Western academics and notables. With the help of Spies, Cokorda formed the artist co-operative called Pita Maha, which maintained the highest standards of arts in Bali. Thus, Ubud became a nerve centre of Balinese art and culture.

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