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Last updated: Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wonderful Guide to Ubud 2

Ubud became the place of travelers stay, to visit most of Bali’s significant sites and no important site is far from Ubud, including mount Batur, the dramatic volcano with its crater lake. Apart from high quality shopping and restaurants there are areas for water rafting.

Taking Aqueduct at Campuna as the starting point, one can see Pura Dalem to the left and the main road Jalan Raya

Pura Dalem

One of the three temples in each village Pura Dalem, is dedicated to lord Siwa and it is here, the spirits of the incriminated dead resides and recently renovated. Dance performance takes place on Tuesdays with the barong and Keris Dance followed by Jegog, on Wednesdays the bamboo orchestra played by local Balinese and on Fridays the monkey or the Kecak dance.

Gallery of Han Snel

When you take turn to Jalan Kafeng, in close proximity to it, there is the small Dutch Gallery, Han Snel Gallery. Han Snel a soldier who deserted the Dutch, when sent to recapture Dutch east India Company during World War II and settled here, becoming an Indonesian resident.

His paintings range from Balinese landscape and Balinese women portrait. He married siti, a Balinese model. Many of his paintings still adore other galleries of Ubud.

Puri Lukisan, a Museum

On the land donated by Cokorda Gede Agung Sukawat on the main street is Puri Lukisan. Museum opened in 1956, by the Dutch painter Rudolf Bonnet who planned the gardens. Three buildings are fantastic and enduring collection of Balinese art.

Money can be changed at Kuta Central, which is opposite to Puri Lukisan museum.

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