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Last updated: Thursday, February 10, 2011

Textiles in Bali, Export Industry of Bali and Indonesia

Balinese have a special dress code when they visit their temple. They name it as adat dress. There is no choice or anything related to fashion or trend, in wearing this dress. The adat is compulsory in a temple visit.

Divine origin
The dressing sense too consists of divine origin. When Lord Brahma created people, they were nude. Lord Siwa’s son, Kala ate up humans. This worried Lord Wisnu, the preserver and he called on all gods and goddess to civilize human beings. Goddess of the moon Rathi thought men to use vegetable materials as clothing. At first, men covered the body with grass. Then tree bark was used to make loincloth. Later, bayu plant’s leaves were woven as fabric cloth. The adat attire is supposed to control the human’s earthly desires and to make them step up in the ladder of attainment of spiritual enlightment. There is a belief that adat dress harnesses basic instincts.
Formal Dress
Long cloth wrapped and tied around the body is used for ritual occasions. They are flat.
The tubular dress also known as sarong is used only as a casual ware
Kamben is the name of the dress worn both by women and men and the way it is draped around by men and women differ. Men wrap it around the waist with front fold while women tie it to the left side of the waist with no drapes.

hand painted native mask
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