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Last updated: Thursday, February 10, 2011

Organic Ear Jewelry 1

There’s nothing beats natural beauty, so as to natural jewelry! When we say organic, it means whole, unrefined, unreated. This just emphasized that it is purely untouched by any chemical or substance that can be harmful to your skin. Introducing, pure organic ear jewelry just for you.
Take a look at our stylish earrings made from natural wood, so classy and trendy in birght colors. No one would thought that it’s only made from wood because of its beautiful designs. Be in a formal or casual gatherings, this type of fashion jewelry definitely stands out. It’s a primitive type of fashion but can carry its trend with the modern style. An organic ear jewelry is so stylish that oftetimes mistaken for a real jewelry made from gems.
In some Asian countries like Philippines, this adornment is considered ethnic type of jewelry during the early years. It was classified as cheap and out of fashion. Most women do not wear it and ignore its excistence. But due to the evolution of fashion accessories, and due to the art of creating by some other personalities in the fashion world. They came up with this woderful idea, using organic resources to produce cheap and yet elegan t embellishments.
Today, Philippines is exporting their products worldwide. Not only they can produce earrings made from wood, but also other items like bangles, necklaces. They can even manufacture jewelry box, wood animals, miniatures, wood carving decorations and more. Their distinctive creation is at par and can compete internationally.

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