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Last updated: Friday, March 25, 2011

Before You Purchase Jewelry For The Body 2

Because of its biocompatibility, titanium has been proclaimed as the best metal for use in jewelry for the body. Since it is practically free from nickel, there are lesser incidences of skin allergy with the use of titanium jewelry. It is also very long lasting and almost indestructible. Most jewelry that is made with titanium go through a process known as anodizing that gives it various colors. Jewelry made of titanium is more costly than other metals but it is certainly worth buying because of its lack of allergies.

Acrylic And Glass (Pyrex)
Acrylic and glass jewelry for the body are rather rare and are a very eye-catching form of adornment. Though there is not much allergic reactions associated with it, glass is rather heavy to wear for a long time and may cause slight discomfort. Acrylic has the tendency to “suffocate” the skin and causes sweating. This can result in a bad odor and cause uneasiness. This metal is restricted to the use for the nose and the ears only.

Wood And Other Natural Elements
Jewelry for the body crafted from naturally occurring material is especially beautiful. They also come in a wide selection of styles and colors. Since even natural material can at times irritate wound, this type of jewelry should be used only on well healed piercings.

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