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Last updated: Thursday, March 17, 2011

Before You Purchase Jewelry For The Body 1

The idea of what looks good differs from person to person. Similarly there are diverse opinions as to what a body will accept or reject. Purchasing jewelry for the body is far more complicated than choosing what just looks nice. You have to pick the correct material, size and gauge. This should aid you in choosing the material for jewelry best suited to your requirements.
Surgical Stainless Steel
The most common material that is easily available and one that is the least expensive of jewelry for the body is Surgical Stainless Steel (SSS). But because of the nickel it contains it is unfortunate that a lot of people experience and allergic tolerance to the metal. There are many places where you can SSS if you have no problems wearing it.

Niobium is a naturally occurring element but when converted to jewelry for the body it is usually iodized and as such gets a wide spectrum of colors. Though its risk to allergy is far less than surgical stainless steel, it is not good for initial piercings. Jewelry made of niobium should be used only for healed piercings.

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