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Last updated: Thursday, November 18, 2010

Food pattern in Bali 2

Sambal (spices and chilly), sour sauce from soy – Kecap asin and counterpart sweet is Kecap manis, are the main sauces used.

Tofu, or curd from soy, tempe is a soy cake fried to taste nutty, Krupuk or the prawn crakers are their favorite snacks.

Desserts consists of pudding of black rice, and jaja or fried rice cakes.

Tuak or toddy, a fermented juice from palm tree; arak is concentrated form of tuak, which is highly alcoholic and added in coffee or brem; brem is the rice wine; are some of the special drinks available in Bali.

Spices in Bali are a special attraction. The wide spread spices are candle nut or Kemiri, (to thicken sauces), cloves or cengkeh (to make keretec cigarettes), coriander seeds or ketumbar (cools body and alternative to pepper), pala or nutmeg (helps in digestion), merica or pepper (induces appetite), and sesame seeds or lenge (thickens the gravy).

The edible roots in Bali are Galangal or kind of ginger, jae or ginger, resurrection lily, and turmeric. Among them turmeric or kunyit is considered sacred.

Torch ginger and lemon grass are the edible variety of shoots.

To add sour flavor to the food, Balinese use kaffir lime, both in the form of fruit and leaves is used. Tamarind is also a common source for sour flavor.

To add salt, sea salt is used. Soy sauce is also added due to influence of Chinese. Palm sugar is added to sweeten the recipes. Chillies like cabe, lambok, and tabia krinying are used to make the food hottest.

Onions and garlic are also used in the food preparation. The famous fruits in Bali are durian, lychee, mango, jackfruit, papaya, mangosteen, pomelo, rambutan, salak, sirzak and star fruit.

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