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Last updated: Thursday, September 16, 2010

The history of painting in Bali 2

GustiNyoman Lempad is still the renowned painter in Bali. He had various talents on paintings, carving, and in architecture. Although he started with Wayang, day to day life is also seen in his arts in the Museums in Ubud.

Walter Spies, a German and Rudolf Bonnet, a Dutch, both entered into Bali in 1895 and made revolution in the art of Bali. They did not want the Bali artisans to churn the same old traditional puppet paints. The real life paintings were promoted. They, together with another 2 royal princes formed an organization, Pita Maha. They encouraged the artists by selling their work through the museums in Ubud. They adapted the style to capture the tourists of Bali. After Japanese invasion, their work declined.

Arie Smit, a Dutch artist, who is still alive, encouraged the teenagers in Bali, by just providing them the material to paint. He neither explained his paintings nor encouraged them to do more. But this approach brought out liveliness to the Bali painting. Many foreigners preferred to buy these paintings and the hotels in Bali are proud to hang them.

With the inspirations on nature, in Pengosekan, another Community Artists became popular in 1960, guided by DewaNyoman Batuan.

Artists in Batuan had a unique style. They initially restricted to the traditional Wayong, due to the complications in the usage of colors and canvas. But after later 50s, vivid colors were used to visualize the Wayang figures. And in the later generations, the modern Bali inspirations are prevalent.

Nyoman Gunarsa and Made Wianta are the pioneers in contemporary art of Balin. Wianta uses symbols in his abstract at, yet has spiritual ideas. Through Puri Lukisan Museum, the paintings of Bali are flourished throughout the world.

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