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Last updated: Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Chunky Necklaces

While bold chains draw a person’s attention to the torso, chunky bold necklaces draw attention upward and to the face. The best of them should lie flat and remain relatively motionless when you move. It should act something like a permanent fixed picture frame rather than a moving one like an animated piece of jewelry.

Statement Ring

You can make yourself stand out and pull people in by wearing a statement ring. The bold jewelry that you wear on your arm or hand will make people stop and examine them unlike earrings or necklaces. Due to the length of your fingers and the breadth of your hands, several rings can be worn without making you look cartoonish. Weigh down your hands and have fun!

Multiple Strands

Having a long neck and broad shoulders, you will not look outlandish if you wear multiple strands of bold necklaces. But if you have too much on, even if you are very tall, you may be overwhelmed. Choose to wear a single that goes with the top or shirt that you are wearing, such as black on black. Contrasts with a striking fashion can also be worn. For example, when wearing a white top, you could have on multiple strands of brown, thin wooden beads for a beautiful rustic look.

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