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Last updated: Thursday, February 24, 2011

Temples in Bali 1

In Bali, a special dress code is followed during the temple visit. A sash and sarong is for both the sexes. Every aspect of life in Bali is spiritually related.
Pura Besakih
This mother Temple is the foremost vital temple. It is situated on the slopes of the Mount Agung, which is the highest mountain in Bali. The temple is 3,333ft above the level of sea. The history of the temple is since the pre-Indic period. Every village clan has it own ancestral temple and Pura Besakih is the ultimate one.
Pura Gelap is the Lightning temple, with Iswara as God, is situated in the east, and the color is white.
Pura Kiduling Kreteg is meant for Brahma, with red color and located in south.
Pura Ulun Kulkul represents Wisnu, black in color and is structured in north.
Pura Panataran Agung is in the middle of all, dedicated to Lord Siwa and it is multi-colored. It consists of 57 beautiful shrines, amazing antiquities and large pavilions. The temple also offers holy meals. As it the chief temple, the Bali government governs and finance it. The temple gets more donations from the devotees and the shrine consists of several hectares of cultivable lands.
Mount Batur is a tremendous live volcano and the area is considered as a sacred and holy place in Bali.

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