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Last updated: Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Kids are becoming trendy nowadays! Though their style is distinct compared to those ofadults, kids find there sense of style very authentic. Their way of clothing can cause trouble between the kid and the parent as they do not agree each other. The ones favorite by the kid is the very opposite of the parents’ choice. Then the conflict begins.
Aside from clothing, one of the very basic example is about music. Most of the children thought that the coolest type of music these days are hip hop and rap thing. But parents would strongly disagree, because for them, still the old fashion way of singing like the mellow type of music would be the better choice. Bet it is called the generation gap.
Wearing uniform in school can prevent other kids to be insecured from others who have outstanding sense of fashion. Also, it will get rid of bullying from other students. Parents are very much favorable with this kind of set-up, it is an advantage also on the part of the parents as they are free from worrying too much about the daily appearance of their kids.Most of the times, kids aged between 3-7 years old like to follow a certain model when it comes to clothes.

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