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Last updated: Saturday, October 23, 2010

The style of carvings and masks in Bali 2

Fruits, frogs, cute animals and trees are carved through wooden fruit style, with softwood. They are available in nominal price and lure the mass.

In the stone carving, the only kind accessible is Paras. It is the blend of volcanic with dust, sand and clay. Various processes are done before the actual work of carving begins. In the village of Batubulan, there are numerous stone carvers and the tourists can find various unique carvings in the shops, at nominal prices. As they are heavy, the tourists do not have much appeal on the carvings.

Masks in Bali

Balinese mask is deemed to be sacred and has an ancient origin. These masks usually help to represent the gods, heroes in the dance and the drama. These masks are made out of wooden carving. Nearly 40 coats are given to attain a glossy effect. a special ceremony is conducted to give life to the masks. It is believed that when the person wears this mask, he becomes the character, he plays. After the ritual, the sacred mask obtains power named as tenget. The masked dances include Topeng, Wayang Wong and Baraong-Rangda.

White masks are for good people, bad ones have fangs with bulging eyes, black masks are for aggressive people, brave ones have red and purple is for the rough personality.

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