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Last updated: Monday, August 23, 2010

Europeans in the history of Bali – 2

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the British East India company administrator adorned Bali’s civilization and the Hindu religion. His collection of crafts of Bali is still adds elegance in the British Museum. But the Dutch considered Balis as barbarians. In the early 19th century, all the European countries wanted to occupy Bali. But the Dutch colonized Bali and controlled it through the elite residents of Bali. In the Dutch period, widow immolation was banned; taxes increased; rice and opium fetched them revenue; and there was ban for inter-caste weddings.

Owing to the ethical policy, during early 20th century many schools were opened. Yet there were controversy in the level of the language of Balinese and also in the status. The schools were Dutch native and preferred to admit the higher caste children, while the lower caste children were asked for sponsors.  But this education of western thoughts provoked and led to the anti-colonial movement. Indonesia got independence from the Dutch in the year of 1950.

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