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Last updated: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birthstone Jewelry Shopping 2

April Birthstone – Diamond

What is there to be said? Birthstones for April are the most costly of all the other birthstones for other birthdates in other months. But that does not necessarily mean that you cannot find diamond jewelry that is affordable since it is not necessary that diamonds have to be big to be beautiful. A line of small ones, set side by side are far less costly than one large one covering the same area. A pendant that is beautiful on its own can become more beautiful if a single diamond is set in a strategic place in the design. Have a good look, you might find something in the collection that just might suit your budget.

May Birthstone – Emerald

Good quality emeralds can be even more costly than diamonds. Thank goodness that there are all varieties of these stones – such as emeralds whose appearance have been enhanced by treatment. Emeralds that have been treated are a good buy, but that they have been treated must be disclosed by the jeweler and he must also explain how to care for such a stone so that it look like new always.

June Birthstone – Pearl

Pearls are so well-liked that a lot of shopping links have been included by me in this site. Keep in mind that practically all pearls that are available are cultured ones, i.e., their growth was started by human beings and not by nature. That is good, since that means that pearls are affordable. There is such a variety of pearls in various types and colors that it is for one to easily build a collection of them.

July Birthstone – Ruby

Rubies are thought to bring love, make the wearer wise, and to help in the protection of a person against all kinds of adversities. Ruby, a member of the family of corundum is a durable stone. The term ‘ruby’ is set aside for the reds of the corundum family since most of the other colors are sapphires.

August Birthstone – Peridot

Peridot has a lime green color that is at times tinged with shades of brown or olive. The sun is traditionally represented by the stone and is one of the oldest known of all the gemstones. Peridot that is set into jewelry all on its own is beautiful but it looks fabulous in combination with turquoise, pearls or other gemstones.

September Birthstone – Sapphire

Of all the colors of sapphire the cornflower blue is the most popular one but the birthstone can be obtained in various other colors except red. The red ones, all members of the corundum family are always known as rubies. Associated with sapphires are happiness and peace and it is the belief of the priests of ancient times that the gemstone aided them in the prediction of the future. Most of this gemstones in this selection are either are pink or blue, but you can still find a few others in other colors.

October Birthstone – Opal

Opals are gemstones that are soft and are usually embedded with impurities that produce some flashes of color. Purity and innocence is associated with these gemstones. Opals are gemstones that have been treated to look bigger than it actually is. At times special names are attached to them to look like opals but are not. Go through the fine print before you purchase an opal.

November Birthstone – Citrine or Topaz

Topaz is mostly yellow in color but there are other colors also including pink, blue, green, golden-brown and red. The pinks and the reds are at times really topaz that is yellow but has been treated to vary its color. Topaz is believed to give strength to the person who wears it and also to calm tempers. In bygone days, the gemstone was ground into a powder and taken internally as it was thought to cure insomnia and asthma. There are many kinds of topaz in this selection.
Citrine is a form of quartz and is also used as a birthstone for the month of November and is also affordable. The gemstone can be beautiful as earrings.
December Birthstone – Turquoise

One of my favorites is turquoise. I associate it with “earth” with its webbed matrix and green or blue coloring. It is another of the gemstones that can be manipulated in various ways before used in jewelry. Most of the turquoise in the market has been treated in one way or another to stabilize it. Sometimes it is ground into powder and then fashioned into jewelry in shapes that are required. Go through the descriptions carefully before you purchase jewelry made with turquoise.

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